Instructions for Presenters


Poster boards are 4 feet tall x 4 feet wide so please ensure your poster fits within this space. You will be assigned a numbered poster board, which will be displayed in the Market Hall of the Thistle Building (this is located on the ground floor of Thistle Building – Your poster number is the number listed by your name in the conference program (i.e., if you are listed as poster number 1 on a given day’s poster session, then please locate the poster board labelled 1 in Market Hall on that day). Optimal font size is around 30 points.

Presenters can set up their poster in the hour before their allotted poster session. Posters should be taken down in the hour following the allotted poster session.


Symposia time slots are 90 minutes and their format must be one of the following: (1) include 5 presenters, or (2) include 4 presenters and 1 non-author discussant.

Each presentation should be 15 minutes in length with 15 minutes allocated to discussion and questions at the end of all of the presentations. The symposium chair is responsible for ensuring presenters adhere to their time constraints. Rooms are equipped with computers and data projectors. Bringing your presentation(s) on a memory stick is recommended as we will not be able to accommodate personal laptops.